OS V3.13 > 4.11 update broke zigbee2mqtt

System working fine until updated from 3.13 to 4.11 system boots but zigbee2mqtt can nolonger see the MQTT server. I was using ‘mqtt://hassio.local’, so changed this to fixed IP address, which overcome that problem. This allowed me to control the hive lights (got their own hub) but not the ikea ones or sonof tasmota flashed (through CC2531 USB)

Managed to download the 3.13 build & restore to get back to working system. Tried the 4.12 update but the same problem. Dont want to be stuck on the older OS version indefinately, any ideas? Which logs should I capture, etc. thanks

Home Assistant Core: 0.110.4
OS: was 3.13 now 4.12
zigbee2mqtt: 1.14.1
Mosquitto broker: 5.1

Given the problem is with HassOS, have you asked on the HA forum?

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Yes I have, but nobody’s answered & I thought the issue could be related to the addon rather the OS?