Pairing trough routers - is it possible?

This is something I asked my self a few times, but did not find an answer.

Is it possible to pair devices trough routers? @Koenkk you know best.

If yes it would be awesome, because this would mean if we need to repair devices, we can put a router into power bank and go to the devices instead of detaching them and bringing them to the coordinator.

Yes, that’s how at least half of my devices were paired.

Thats great. Good to know.

BTW: Very weird I don’t get email notifications from the z2m anymore. I checked the settings, looks good. HA forum works fine. Is there some issue on the z2m side?

Could you just confirm that you set permit join and than pair your new sensors near your router? So same procedure as with the coordinator. Did it work for all devices?

I have yet to receive my new CC2652 and change over from Deconz to zigbee-Shepard, but I believe this goes for zigbee networks in general: I can confirm that I place devices where I want them before pairing. That way the correct route through the mesh is chosen straight away.

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