Philips Hue with Bluetooth pairing

Does anyone know if you can reset a “Hue Bulb with Bluetooth” using the Bluetooth app?

I don’t have a Hue Bridge, or dimmer switch, I have a Tradfri On/Off dimmer remote not the multi function one and it would be a pain to get the bulb close enough to the coordinator.

I will do the last one and use Touchlink if I have to but before I give Philips my email details so I can even open their app I just wanted to know if it was possible to use the Bluetooth app to reset the bulbs and pair with the CC2531.


Hi mheys,

Within the HUE Bluetooth App you have a “Reset” option. This resets the paired bulb to the factory defaults (at least that’s what the warning message says, haven’t actually reset the bulb)

Kind regards,