Problem pairing to zzh, working with CC2531


I purchased a SilverCrest-branded motion sensor in Lidl and am having issues pairing it to my zigbee2mqtt coordinator.

It’s a Zigbee 3.0 device.

zigbee2mqtt is running under an LXC container under Proxmox on an HP MicroServer Gen8. I have a stable zigbee network with 10 IKEA lights and couple of switches.

I’m using a zzh! dongle with the firmware and I cannot pair this motion sensor to it. I tried master branch and dev branch of zigbee2mqtt, same results for both. Support for the device was added recently and available on dev only, but I cannot get it to pair at all.

If I try to pair it to a CC2531 connected to my MacBook, it pairs OK.

Here’s the log of pairing process on the zzh:

And here’s the CC2531:

Any ideas how I can solve this?