Random delays in zigbee network

I have been using zigbee2mqtt for a while now, together with a powerful zzh stick.

I have two zigbee networks in my environment:

  • A hue bridge with only hue lamps connected (especially color bulbs)
  • A zigbee2mqtt network (on a different channel) with some smart plugs and all sensors connected, and some older white hue bulbs

Most of the times, the zigbee network works stable, but sometimes there are some noticeable delays (5-10 seconds). I have motion sensors installed in different locations, to control a light, and sometimes the light goes on immediately, sometimes it takes 5 to 10 seconds before the light(s) turn on when motion is triggered.

Any ideas on how to debug this? Is there a way to force the zigbee network to re-calculate all routes? I read in a different topic that light bulbs should not be added to zigbee2mqtt, as they don’t do the routing very well… could this be the issue for my hue bulbs? If so, I can try to remove all bulbs and only add smart plugs and sensors to zigbee2mqtt, and all bulbs to the hue bridge (although I am already close to the device limit of 50 bulbs in Hue).

Any ideas / suggestions / similar experiences?

[EDIT] On https://docs.hubitat.com/index.php?title=How_to_Build_a_Solid_Zigbee_Mesh it is mentioned that by powering down the hub for >20 minutes, the whole mesh is recalculated. Is this also true for zigbee2mqtt?

Just a small update:
I ended up removing all hue bulbs from my zigbee2mqtt network. I am still experimenting, and so far things look better / more stable but I will post an update in a few days/weeks.