Replaced Hue Bridge v2 w/ Zigbee2MQTT and Conbee2 USB interface

Hello Everyone,

I’m new here, this is my first post.
I’m quite the newbie regarding Zigbee2MQTT but was able to sucessfully replace my Hue Bridge v2 with a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB running this fantastic piece of software and a DeCONZ Conbee 2 USB Zigbee interface.
When I started this project I knew nothing about MQTT and even less about the possibility to forgo the Zigbee USB interface proprietary software (Phoscon APP) to manage my growing list of Zigbee devices.

I want to sat thank you very much, Kroenkk and everyone involved in developing and making this form of artwork with the general public.

I look forward to learning a lot with fellow forum users.

Stay Safe!