Sinope Thermostat

Hi everyone,

I have a Sinope thermostat connected to zigbee2mqtt. I cannot figure out what command I need to send it in order to change the temperature setpoint.

Anyone knows what are the different commands we can send it? And how to do it?

I am using Node-Red.

Thank you.

I figured out that the model was not supported in devices.js so I copied the sinope TH1123ZB and changed the model number to TH1400ZB.

Now I get the thermostat status every hour:

Any idea what I need to send?

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Just wondering how are you doing with the TH1400ZB. I just bought one, waiting for deliveryā€¦

(And also a TH1500ZBā€¦)


It works great. Like I said I had to add the TH1400ZB in devices.js. I simply copied the code for TH1124ZB and changed the model to TH1400ZB and it worked. I had a hard time to figure out how to make it work in node red but now it works. I think it is easier if you use Home Assistant. See this post:

So, installed my TH1400ZB yesterday and yes, up and running great!

I also added tz.temperature on the ā€˜fromZigbeeā€™ part, since I saw some warnings in the logs. I had also to add it in lib/extension/homeassistant.js so mqtt autodiscovery worksā€¦

Iā€™ll receive tomorrow the TH1500ZB, will try the config and probably will do a pull request with the changes after.


Hey Yannick,

When you do a Ā“getĀ“from your thermostats, is this what you get?


The Ā“temperatureĀ“one is the one that is driving crazy Home Assistantā€¦ And itĀ“s strange, because it doesnĀ“t change at allā€¦ The occupied_heating_setpoint and local_temperature changeā€¦ but Ā“temperatureĀ“does not, and itĀ“s causing me problems with the UI

Was wondering if I have done something wrong in the zigbee2mqtt configuration


Hereā€™s what I get from my TH1400ZB:


I use ā€œlocal_temperatureā€ and it works find. I donā€™t use Home Assistant.
I donā€™t have ā€œtemperatureā€ like you. Maybe because I did not add tz.temperature like you did?

I also noticed that ā€œpi_heating_demandā€ is always 0. On my TH1124ZB i can see a value.

Like I sais I only copied the TH1123ZB part in devices.js and changed the model numbers to TH1400ZB and TH1124ZB. Maybe not perfect but it works for me.

Thanks so much! This confirms what I was thinkingā€¦
Iā€™ve been doing lots of tests, and I think I know where is the problemā€¦

Right after pairing the devices (after copying TH1124ZB for my models), I saw a warning saying that ā€™
msTemperatureMeasurementā€™ was not definedā€¦ Following the instructions to add converters for unsupported devices, I added the ā€˜temperatureā€™ attributeā€¦

And here is the problemā€¦ that it ā€˜sticksā€™ to it zigbee2mqttā€¦ I have even tried to uninstall and reinstall the zigbee2mqtt add-on, but I still see the ā€˜temperatureā€™ attribute.

The issue is that ā€˜temperatureā€™ is being misunderstood by Home Assistant as the ā€˜set temperatureā€™, and the controls are going a bit crazyā€¦

Now that, thanks to your help, I have confirmed thatā€™s the problem, Iā€™ll try to find a way to delete it, and that would solve my problems.