Smoke detectors trigger siren

Hi all. I notice most smoke detectors have a read only value for smoke. If one detector detects smoke, I want them all to blare the siren. Is this a hardware limitation or a design choice in zigbee2mqtt? Or do most still support this feature by some mechanism I missed?

I notice the delvelco detector supports siren, but it is rather expensive. Feels a bit redundant to have separate sirens when all detectors are equipped with one…

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you need to integrate the several equipments with NODE-RED

I don’t quite understand, please explain.

Hi @Flurkmark I don’t have these devices (yet) but I am curious. I have Xiaomi smoke detectors and trigger sirens via sound systems. It has annoyed me that the smoke detectors have a siren built in but I can’t use it.

However, if you are looking at these ones, there’s hope:

You can trigger these by publishing a message on MQTT to the device(s) you want to sound. Have a look a bit further down the page, it explains how to do it.

Thanks. I found that one. Since I need about 6 of them I would have preferred one that cost about a third. But I may have no choice. I hope they also trigger each other without automagicaly.

From experience they usually don’t automatically trigger each other. If you use the hub they are designed to work with (and let’s face it, we don’t do that cause we prefer z2m lol) they may do, but I would suspect that’s because the hub sends out the signals to make them do that.

I’ve not played around with binding all that much, but it may be possible to bind them together so that if one triggers the others do. If not, you might just have to automate it yourself.

I went for the cheaper option of Xiaomi devices, but then I sound alarms through my screens and speakers that I have around the house, as well as turning on all the lights and making some flash red. I kind of like it that way because the alarms still get your attention, but the source of the fire is the only one sounding the ear piercing sound which can lead you to the problem in the house quickly.