[SOLVED] Device specific configuration

I have a question about the section Device specific configuration on zigbee2mqtt.io.

I’m not sure how where to apply the example used in this section.


    friendly_name: 'my_occupancy_sensor'
    retain: true
    occupancy_timeout: 20
    no_occupancy_since: [10, 600]
    qos: 1
    debounce: 0.5
    retrieve_state: false
      # Applied to all discovered entities.
      expire_after: 30
      # Only applied to discovered temperature sensor.
        icon: mdi:oil-temperature

Do I have to apply this on each Xiaomi Occupancy sensor? Or do I have to apply it to the general part of the configuration.yaml file?

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are you using node red?

Partly. Not for any zigbee2mqtt devices.

If I may ask, what has this have to do with my question?

hello if you use node red you may add the following nodes


or using the normal mqtt commands


[SOLVED] Nevermind. I discovered it’s a setting per device.

Hi doubleUS,

can you tell me how can I use the device specific settings, please? Thanks.