-SOLVED- Ikea motion detector


The Ikea motion detector sends only:
payload ‘{“battery”:87,“linkquality”:134}’
and not status of movement? Nothing happens when I test it for movement.
Should the payload contain some sort of message regarding state of the sensor?

What zigbee2mqtt firmware version are you using? (logged on startup). Note that a recent firmware is required for this sensor.

I’m using:
AM Coordinator firmware version: ‘20180815’
Is this the wrong one?
If so, where is the functioning one located?

you can update your frmware but more important what is the version of zigbee2mqtt ?

Hi there! What version is needed? Running zigbee2mqtt version ist 1.5.1 and with npm start is see 'Coordinator firmware version: ‘undefined’. Someone flashed the stick for me with this version
https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt-firmware/blob/master/firmware/coordinator/CC2531/CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex (not available anymore but that is what he wrote he used).