Source routing questions

z2m working really well for me at the moment, thinking of expanding and trying to work out if I need more routers.

I have 35 devices over 6 routers (5 cc2530 and 1 cc2531). Lovely looking network graph here:

My questions:

  1. My end devices have moved around, on the graph at least, and now 1 router has 7 devices whilst a nearby one has 2 - I understood there was a 5 device limit per router - is this true, is it just network graph incorrect? Or has device limit changed?

  2. Does device limit on source routing firmware apply to connected routers, or just end devices?

  3. What happens if device limit reached? Won’t be able to add new router, or other devices evicted?

Thanks in advance, just trying to work out if I need to get more routers if I need more devices, and if the device is router is a pertinent bit of informations.



First of all, congrats for your nice looking graph.
Coming to your questions I believe the 5 direct child limit applies only to the coordinator, so you can have more than 5 end devices bound to any router.

Now, a couple of questions for you:

  • are all your end devices battery powered?
  • did you have to follow any particular procedure to avoid end device to bind directly to the coordinator?

Okay great, looks like i have plenty of capacity for now.

All my end devices are battery powered yes, xioami termperature, motion and door sensors.
I’ve rebuilt this network a few times, last time I was careful to pair devices through routers rather than the co-ordinator.

My first stab at this was to use xiaomi plugs as routers, I had 10 of them littered around the house but results were horrible, in fact I’ve given up using them at all with z2m as they seem to have issues going offline etc. CC2530s for the win.

Wish my network map looked like that.
I’m also using source routing fw

same. Mine has really lost the plot today!
keep in mind i changed nothing, but all my links just disappeared today… welcome to zigbee2mqtt life! :frowning:

This is nothing :wink:
Check out this bad boy:

To be fair this is 1.6.0 dev, so I am sure there is some stuff to iron out

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Yeah, also seeing floating non-connected items on my map too (dev 1.6 branch). But it feels just like it would be just an display issue since devices give reports and function normally for me.