Support for EnOcean PTM 216Z self-powered dimmer / switch

I believe there is a great future for self powered devices. No more batteries. I found EnOcean manufacturing self powered Zigbee devices with Hue support. Niko for example is using the EnOcean device in their switch.

Find here a link to these EnOcean Zigbee devices:

The EnOcean device used by Niko is the PTM 216Z. The user manual is downloadable using the link above. I tried to use and connect this switch but I can’t get it connected and as such it stops me to continue working on this device. Where and what is going wrong?

The latest self-powered zigbee devices are called “Zigbee Green Power”, and is a part of Zigbee 3.0 I believe. Are you using ZStack 3 on your sniffer?

Greenpower is not yet implemented, but there is PR on herdsman. Maybe soon™?

True. To control and automate you would need the dev branch of zigbee-herdsman as soon as this PR is merged, but a CC2653R1 with ZStack 3 is able to talk Green Power on a stack level.

Two questions, you mention the CC2653R1, I’ve got the CC2652R1 with ZStack3x0 version 1.7.1 Dev. I did not know about the CC2653R1 will the CC2652R1 be supported?
Do you have any idea when I can expect green power support?

Sorry, that was a typo. I have the same board and stack as you.

When the Green Power PR is merged is entirely up to the maintainers. Hopefully soon so I can buy some batteryless devices and test it. I’ve loved that technology since seeing some Enocean devices years ago.

Do you know if its already available to try enocean devices?

@Koenkk I would like to write the code for supporting Enocean self powered switches. But I need some help to get started. First of all I thought it must be possible to link the self-powered switch with my pi and zigbee2mqtt (version: 1.11.0-dev, commit: dc8b6c5) with permit_join=true, debug=enabled, channel=11. Unfortunately nothing… I cannot commission my Enocean switches at all, whatever I try. Please Koen, have a look at the manual in the download link below and let me know how to commence. Maybe it is not possible at all. I am sure many others would be very pleased with support for self-powered Enocean devices. The manual has been updated yesterday.

Zigbee manual download link:

The Enocean PTM is used in switches of many manufacturers e.g. Gira, Niko, PeHa, Busch-Jaeger, Vimar, Illumra, Feller etc. etc.

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With Version 1.13 Green-Power Support is now shipped :heart_eyes:

@Koenkk in the documentation is written, that a “Philips Hue” Device is needed to make the translation for GreenPower Devices. As at the moment I do not own any Philips Hue device: is it sufficent just to buy one “Philips Hue Bulb” that will be then integrated in the network to do the translation or is there a specific Philips Hue device needet (Bridge etc)? Do you know what range such a Philips-Bub could cover +/-?

One bulb or a HUE Smart plug is enough.

Just for documentation:
I bought as Josov suggested one Hue Bulp. After factory resetting the philips hue bulp via touchlink ( (i had to do this 3 times till the bulp paired itsef with the network), I was also able to connect the PTM 216. It works great :slight_smile: thanks a lot for all the work behind!!