Sylvania SMART+ 73741 Pairing


I have a CC2531 running and have paired mostly Xiaomi device to date. I have some Sylvania SMART+ 73741 RBG ceiling lights that I just installed. What is the proper process to pair them? They are listed on the supported devices page, but no steps are provided on pairing. I have enabled join and nothing happens and the devices themselves have no button. I brought one down right next to the coordinator just to be sure and cannot seem to get anything to appear in the logs. Have tried the latest and latest-dev releases of Z2M as well. Anyone know what I am missing ? Thanks!

How do I reset my Sylvania smart bulb?
To reset the SYLVANIA Bulb

Turn the light off.
Turn the light on for three (3) seconds.
Turn the light off.
Repeat this cycle five (5) times.
Wait ten (10) seconds for the light to blink three (3) times.

Thanks for posting those steps. I believe those steps are for the Lightify Bulbs from Sylvania. This is a recessed light kit and doesn’t seem to do anything when I try them. I’ve done it a few times and will try some different durations just in case.

I can’t find any manual that speaks to resetting this light or pairing. I know I can fire up Smartthings right now and add it but I would prefer to use Z2M. Any guidance is appreciated!


Just to close this one out. I could never get these lights to pair with my Z2M until I added a router. I had about 8 devices and just the coordinator when trying to pair before. I wanted to improve my coverage and range so added a router today. Happened to try the pairing today and simply turning on the lights after allowing devices to Join was all that was needed. Z2M immediately added them right after turning on the switch to them

This is a little bit of an old thread but I wanted to post that I got these to work!!
The reason they don’t pair is two fold.
One the software in the 73741 may be older and won’t pair. You need a hub and to update the firmware. I have one that works and the other needs updating to work.
Second and more important is the devices.js is wrong for these and they won’t pair no matter what you do. Here is the correct code in devices.js for these:
zigbeeModel: [‘LIGHTIFY RT RGBW’],
model: ‘73741’,
vendor: ‘Sylvania’,
description: ‘LIGHTIFY LED adjustable color RT 5/6’,
extend: generic.light_onoff_brightness_colortemp_colorxy,
You will notice it says ‘LIGHTIFY RT RGBW’. This is critical to get these to pair.

Good luck.