Tuya SEA801 Valve Percentage

Hey there,
I am new to Zigbee2Mqtt and zigbee over all. What I want to do is building a smart heating control using Tuya SEA801 Zigbee Thermostats and Xiaomi Temperature Sensors.
Is it possible to directly control the opening percentage of the valve?

I wanted to build a PID controller using these two devices and nodeRED.

I hope anyone can help me out with this problem.

Very interesting what you want to do.

I look for years but I couldn‘t find any (Zigbee) thermostat where you can SET the valve percentage from outside. If it is exposed via zigbee then READONLY. :frowning:

The valve position is ususally calculated internally depending on the gap between current and target temperature.


As StofLE says, use the thermostat’s reported temperature.
I vary its setpoint to be higher or lower than its temperature, depending on whether I want the valve open or closed. Crude, but it seems to work OK.

This seems to be a rather good workaround. I try to acomplish this setup with a custom Thermostat component in Homeassistant if it works well.