UK7004240 support


thank you for support of the TRV001 - UK7004240.
Now I have got one. In the first time there were some problems, but now it is operating.
error: Failed to configure ‘0x14b457fffexxxxxx’, attempt 1 (Error: Cluster with key ‘hvarUserInterfaceCfg’ does not exist"

I got:
zigbee2mqtt/ = {name:values}
And set by
zigbee2mqtt//set = {name:values}

values (without order):

  • local_temperature (read)

shows the actual measured temperature

  • system_mode (read/write)

shows the mode, but what is the meaning?

  • linkquality (read)

as it says

  • occupied_heating_setpoint (read/write)

setpoint for heating [5…32 deg C]

  • pi_heating_demand (read)

set value of the valve [0…3]. The value of 3 means full open.
The time of changing this is very slow.

  • battery (read)

value of the battery [0…100%]


  • Are there other values?

  • Sometime (often) I get the error message:
    “failed: ‘Error: Timeout - 7171 - 1 - 114 - 513 - 4 after 10000ms’”
    The answer of the TRV arrived not in within the timeout.
    Can I increase the timeout for this one item?

  • I want to disable the TRV direct by a bit from the window sensor.
    How to do without change of the setpoint? By “system_mode” ?