Unable to pair any Xiaomi device

I am not able to pair any device (like Xiaomi WXKG01LM or occupancy sensors) anymore. There is just nothing inside the zigbee2mqtt logs when trying to re-pair, even with debug and herdsman-debug activated. Re-installed zigbee2mqtt with hass.io, installed the edge version, uninstalled the whole hass.io installation and installed z2m natively under Linux. Still didn’t work. Bought another CC2531. Still no success. Now I flashed the ZBOSS sniffer firmware and Wireshark gets some packages from my devices, but no Zigbee network layer:

Is there anything I can do about this? I’m really desperate.

Same thing happened to me today.
I fixed it by stopping z2m, unplugging the CC2531, plugging it back in, and restarting z2m.
All devices added now!