Update Pi-Zero and Firmware

Sorry to bother you all with this.
I havent updated my pi zero and CC2531 in a while and wanted to bring everything to latest version.

I updated zigbee2mqtt like described in the documentation but now i always get this warning:
Zigbee2mqtt requires node version 10, you are running v8.10.0!
It still seems to work but i guess i should update my nodejs system.

The official documentation now says that you should add a nodejs apt repository but as far as i know this is not compatible with the pizero cpu or am i wrong?

# Setup Node.js repository
sudo curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_10.x | sudo -E bash -

I think i installed nodejs in the past using the node-pi-zero repositry by sdesalas. Is it save to just use a 10.X script to update? The pi zero tips seem to be gone from the official manuals.

If im wrong an can use the apt repositry on my system, how to get rid of the old nodejs setup?

And last but not least, can i savely update my CC2531 without having to repair everything? Im not using any advanced configuration (pan id, channel, etc), all is default.

Thanks for any help!


i use also the pi zero, i had the same problem, than i found the same from sdesalas.
I never had problems with this