Valena Next / Celiane with Netatmo support (Legrand)

I have a couple of question with regard to this series of devices, which I find very appealing for plugs and switches.

  1. The wired switch ( from Legrand, according to the official documentation, has an optional location LED that can be configured in the official app. It can also be used (or not) as dimmer. Also configurable in the official APP. Can these features (like the LED) be used / configured using Zigbee2Mqtt?

  2. Are different countries supported?
    For instance, are the Spanish version of Legrand Zigbee devices ( supported?

All of them, except for the (micromodule - 064888) have different model number and are visually different, but I guess that internally must be quite similar, or even totally equal internally. Last part of the code even change with the color. But between different countries the first part of the codes change as well.

For instance, the shutter switch (in the supported devices with code [067776]) has different codes:

  • 7 418 07 (white)
  • 7 418 37 (aluminium)
  • 7 418 67 (black)
  • 0 677 76 (the supported version)
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