Water accident!

Hi all,

I’ve managed to to throw a pint of water over a few Pis!!..

  • Two pi 4’s are all OK ! hoorah!!

  • One pi 3B+ is dead - this ran Mosquitto MQTT. the Micro SD card works OK in another pi 3B+, so a replacement 3B+ should sort this issue out.

  • One pi 3B+ might be half dead!?! is that posible? this is the one running zigbee2mqtt, with a i use a zzh! CC2652R USB stick.
    I can see the Z2M web page, and obviously ssh in.
    but… on the Z2M webpage i can’t see my devices (no devices listed, no map, nothing). after a minute, it says:

Loading devices takes too long time. Consider reading documentation

Have i blown up the USB ports?

Even with my Mosquitto MQTT pi down, i should still be able to see the zigbee devices in Z2M, right??

Apologies of the very edge case here!!!

Cheers, MSE

actually, i think this is a different problem!

I’ve now had a look at the log (via ssh) and can see the various connected devices changing status / updating, and lots of grumbling about it not being posible to connect to the MQTT broker

Ah, water. Actually it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Tap water is slightly conductive because of the chlorine in it. Pure water is not conductive. Sea water is conductive and corrosive.

It’s important to dry the boards out. The problem is water get trapped under the chips etc and is best boiled out. If it’s salt water rinse them thoroughly first. No problem heating them up. I’d put them in your domestic oven at 100C … 120C and leave them for an hour or more. You could go hotter but some plastics, like nylon, get a bit soft and may deform.

let them cool gently and fire 'em up. Best of luck!