WebUI confusion

I have Z2M installed as an addon within HA and broadly it works well. I’ve had a single switch and bulb previously but am extending that with more IKEA elements.

I am finding the UI confusing and there seems to be little documentation. If I get to the point of understanding it, I’ll submit something to help others.

Rather than lost of questions in one go, I start with endpoint numbers and binding.

Endpoint Numbers

If I click on a device (bulb in this case) in the main menu, I get to here

3 tabs, About, Bind and State and some details in the tree below.

Q1 - What is the tree telling me? What is an Input/Output Cluster? What do the sub sections mean?

If I click on Bind, I see this.


Q2 - What are the 2 endpoints listed and how can I relate these back to my endpoint devices (presumably the 2 switches that are paired).


I understand the concept of binding Zigbee devices to endpoints (I think).

Q3 - If I Bind an endpoint to a device what does that mean?

For this bulb, I have the option of selecting a source EP and a destination of any of the paired devices.

If I click on one of my switches, then select Bind I see

What are the different checkboxes (relate to the tree seen in About) and what is the effect of selecting them.

I am clearly missing a key piece of the jigsaw :slight_smile:.

Anyone able to help?

I’ve come here looking for an answer to the question ‘what do the endpoint IDs’ mean too. I’ll report back if I find anything in the meantime, if not let’s hope someone can explain in the meantime.

I was creating some groups which seem to speed up the lights in my living room (there are 10 on the ceiling and home assistant was struggling to issue 10 separate commands). When I create a group I select the devices to add and the options I get are usually 11 and 242. However when I selected my kitchen lights the option was 1. So this is what is confusing me, and an explanation would be very helpful. I tried opening up the database but doesn’t look like any clues in there.

For your binding queries, you will only want to bind two devices together if you want a direct connection - read this page here

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I’m running z2m container, how to access the webUI? Thanks.

You have to enable it in the config and then open the port 8080 in the container.

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