Xiaomi / Aqara zigbee button - needs re-join after rebooting Z2M

I have a Xiaomi / Aqara zigbee button. It’s paired fine with hassio addon of Zigbee2MQTT. I see different button presses and everything. However, if I restart the Z2M addon, the the Aqara button no longer works - I don’t see it in MQTT. I have to hold it down for 10 seconds and rejoin/repair.

I have other zigbee devices (light bulbs) that still work after reboots.

I’m using hassio in a container on a raspberry pi, with the Zigbee2Mqtt addon, using cc2531 usb stick. The button is directly talking to the coordinator (no routers), and it’s very close, so it’s not a range issue.

This is the button:

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this. After a reboot when I don’t see button presses, I’m monitoring all MQTT topics and I don’t see anything when I press the zigbee button. Hold it down for 10 seconds to rejoin, and then after the rejoin process, it works again - I can clicks in MQTT.