Yale lock user codes

Is there any plans to support user codes (create/delete) for Yale locks?

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I would really like this functionality to.
I have started looking the the documentation, it looks like it is supported on the Yale side.
So I think it is just a matter of updating the converter in zigbee2mqtt to support it.
Currently no locks have this functionality with their current converters in zigbee2mqtt so we cant just copy it over. User pin setting is part of the standard zigbee library though and there are example scripts for other systems that use it.

I am also looking to this, would be nice to have.

I found some discussion on smartthings forum and github that can be a start, but don’t know how exactly to start…

yeah that smartthings code does look promising. I think we need to do something similar in the zigbee2mqtt new device config.
There a few examples around of who to do this.
Heres one on how to setup an new device type.

the thing is that this example just uses standard device attributes arleady in zigbee2mqtt. We probably will need to make a new attribute(s) using the smartthings implementation as a guide.
I haven’t had much spare time to look at this just yet