Zigbee and Wifi channels

I want to optimize the 2.4 GHz channels used for wifi and zigbee in my house.
I plan on using channel 1 and 6 for my 3 APs as best as possible and channel 25 for zigbee2mqtt to avoid inteference.
But at the moment I still have the Philips Hue bridge and Xiaomi gateway. Is it a problem to have all of them on channel 25 or will they intefere with each other?

maybe you know this link : https://www.metageek.com/training/resources/zigbee-wifi-coexistence.html

yes they will interfere but not that much and depending on the size of your network you will probably not notice it.

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Yes I know the link but I guess you are talking about inteference between wifi and zigbee.
I was talking about inteference when choosing the same zigbee channel (25) for several zigbee gateways

so it’s event worst like wifi interference.
the protocol here is not important.
the important things is to have different device who are not on the same network but on the same set of frequency.
if you’re on the same protocol, same frequency it’s even worst

Si you mean that I should place one zigbee device on lets say channel 20 and another on channel 25 instead of both on channel 25?

Yes. that would make the most sense.