Zigbee2mqtt with Dockerised hass.io?

I am running hassio in a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi2 with Raspbian Stretch Lite. I can manage the basics with Linux and am planning to flash a CC2531 USB stick to use as a Zigbee gateway using my PC. Is there anything I will need to do differently because hassio and zigbee2mqtt will be running inside Docker? I will be installing zigbee2mqtt as a hassio add-on.

Thanks & apologies for the noob question.

Iā€™m running it also as a hassio add-on. Allthough not on a Pi2 but on a NUC: Proxmus => Debian 9 => Docker => Hassio => Zigbee2mqtt add-on.

Just make sure you are able to use the USB port in all those platforms.

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