Binding multiple devices to a group

I have two IKEA Tradfri On/Off switches. I want them both to turn on and off the same group of lamps, even if Home Assistant is powered off.

I have created a group in zigbee2mqtt, and bound the first switch to that group successfully. However, when I try and bind the second switch I get an error message in zigbee2mqtt’s log.

Could this be because it isn’t possible to bind more than one switch to a group, or was I just lucky to get the first switch to bind first time?

My guess is that you were lucky, with some Tradfri devices I have no issues using one but need to re-try pairing 10x with another. Remember to press some buttons on the remote (I do it just before, and just after) to wake up the device when sending the bind command.

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Thanks - that did the trick!
zigbee2mqtt:info 2020-06-26 19:25:17: Successfully bound cluster 'closuresWindowCovering' from 'IKEA Switch 2' to 'All Garden Lamps'

Don’t know where the reference to closuresWindowCovering comes from. Could that be preset on these switches?