Unstable connexion with owon THS317-ET sensor

Hi !
I’m trying to install an OWON THS317-ET temperature sensor.
I succeed in pairing but with difficulties and the sensor stops working after a while.

I have setup Z2M 1.23 (last docker available today), as the sensor was updated recently in Z2M.

So, here is what happened:

  • sometime it won’t pair correctly.
  • sometime it pair fine, but show only LQI & no more (no temp, no battery information).
  • sometime it pair fine, send a few message with all data and then mute.
  • sometime it pair fine, send a message every few minutes and then mute (works less than half an hour).

Could it be a configuration / setup issue ? is there something I can try on Z2M ?

it may be also a sensor malfunction, but I want to make sure I tried all I can before send it back.

edit: after posting this message, I see a banner telling this forum is deprecated, so I will repost on the new one.