Can't get CC1352P to pair with anything


I just upgraded my coordinator from a CC2531 to a CC1352P-2, but I am unable to pair any devices. After setting a pan_id in configuration.yaml, I am able to start zigbee2mqtt, which publishes this at startup:


and the state is “online”.

I guess everything should be OK, but the CC1352P does not react at all, when I try to pair a device.

Please, help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I’m having the same issues.

I am using zigbee2mqtt and I love it, but since my network is rather large, I decided to purchase the CC1352-P from TI. Flashed and connected, seems to be working, but…

Can’t get anything to pair properly. Even when I can pair, the device is not working some time later.
Ikea GU10 bulbs are almost impossible to pair.

The pairing and migration procedure is starting to be a real pain…

Did you change the pan_id? I had this problem when I migrated to cc1352p. Setting a unique pan_id solved it for me

Yes, changed it from 6754 to 6755.