How to read the switching status of the device OSRAM plug switch AB3257001NJ

I use the SMART + plug from Osram. This has an additional switch on the device to switch the output on or off. However, the change in the switching state is not transferred to the bridge. I have already used the “advanced: report: true” and “device retain: true” options, but unfortunately I haven’t made any changes. Especially when the “toggle” command is used, the reported status is always inverse to the true status of the device.
I have the same difficulties when “binding” a button with a lamp. The bridge does not notice a change here either.
Is this a mistake in my configuration, a limitation in the device I use or a deliberate restriction to keep the network load low?
I used “ct-Smart-Home” from GitHub on a rasperrypi. The versions are as follows:
zigbee2mqtt version 1.12.2 (commit #7d27a54)
Coordinator firmware version: ‘{“type”:“zStack12”,“meta”:{“transportrev”:2,“product”:0,“majorrel”:2,“minorrel”:6,“maintrel”:3,“revision”:20190608}}’

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Using the same device with zibé2mqtt and home assistant, I don’t have the status feedback when using the device button to switch on/off too.

This is exactly my problem. I really would need to get an “event notification” from the manual switch to the bridge.
Wonder if this is a zigbee2mqtt bug or a “bug” in the osram + firmware.
Has anyone used the Plug with the offiicla (Osram?) hub? Wonder if toggling the manual switch would be recognised by their bridge.

Is there anything new? Should we file a bug report on the github?

BTW: Using the same repro as you :wink: