OSRAM Leds remember_state

I have some OSRAM Leds (AC03645 and 4052899926110) and problems configuring them to remember the light settings after a powerloss. I can send mqtt messages via homeassistant (eg state: off etc).
But like described in the supported device area (https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/4052899926110.html) sending via mqtt.publish

topic: zigbee2mqtt/myfriendlyname/set
payload: ‘{“remember_state”:“true”}’

doesn’t save the settings after powerloss.
Everything is running on a Synology Docker Install with latest HomeAssistant, MQTT, Zigbee2MQTT build and a flashed CC2531 TI Stick. Plugs and Ikea bulbs work perfectly (also with remembering the settings). The zigbee2mqtt logfile shows after sending a info report. I also get there a warning that the firmware version is newer than the latest online.
What am I doing wrong or how can i get my osram leds to keep there settings after a powerloss?
Thanks a lot for help and best regards