Light paired but not discovered

Hi All,

I’ve added a Paul Neuhaus ceiling light to my setup. The device paired successfully and I’ve added it to the devices.js file to have zigbee2mqtt know about it (got the message unsupported device).
Unfortunately the device is not popping up automatically via mqtt discovery within Home Assistant.
When I create the device explicitly I can control it via zigbee2mqtt but I had the hope that it would show up via discovery, just like my other devices. Is there some condition that needs to be fulfilled to have the device popup via discovery or maybe I can retrigger the announcement from zigbee2mqtt?


You need to add device information also to file above :thinking:

Thanks! I’ll try that that and see if it wants to show up automagically. I have to add a few other things as well I guess as zigbee2mqtt is ignoring some of the messages the remote is sending. (Paired the remote as well)

Where do I find it in HassOS?