Move device to another zigbee2mqqt network


I am in the process of moving my “old” v1 zigbee2mqtt network to a new one (v3). Everything is setup and running (different raspberry pi running zigbee2mqtt, different mqtt servers and panid, channels) correctly. However, I am unsure on the process I need to use to move all devices.

Should I first remove them from the old zigbee network and then pair them? Should I better reset them and then pair them in the new network? (I am removing the old network so don’t mind leaving ghost devices there)

I am also finding it difficult to know how to reset some devices, for instance I am unable to find info on how to reset the Xiaomi MiJia gas leak detector JTQJ-BF-01LM/BW and re-pair it again. Is there a basic procedure that usually works? :?

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A lot of device will go in pairing mode if gently removed from the network.

So my suggestion is, put the new network in permit-join: true and the remove the devices one by one by sending a remove message to the old zigbee2mqtt instance.

I tested this for
Philips hue
And xiaomi