Move from Deconz to Zigbee-Herdsman

I’m planning a move from Deconz and a Conbee stick to Zigbee-Herdsman and a freshly delivered CC2652.

Anyone else gone the same route? I assume @Koenkk himself maybe haven’t but would nonetheless be an authority on my concerns should nobody else chime in.

I’m assuming there aren’t any converters from the Deconz network database to Zigbee-herdsman’s? And that I must start fresh with pairing all my devices?

Is it beneficial that the PanID and channel is the same or different from the old Conbee network? (In case I can’t or won’t factory reset some devices)

When going the route of the node-red node “zigbee” based on Zigbee-herdsman, is it possible to switch between this and Zigbee2mqtt without repairing?

Is it crucial to remove all devices from the old zigbee network before moving them to a new one?

Nope. You can have 2 zigbee networks. Just be careful you plan a good coordination / router setup to have a good coverage by the two networks. Once it’s connected to one zigbee network, it wont route etc for the other network.

I am passing the same way. I am moving from DeConz to Zigbee2mqtt. Now I have 3 zegbee nets:

  1. Aqara net - 10 devices (garage)
  2. New Zigbee2mqtt - 15 devices (testing)
  3. DeConz - 170 devices

The total amount of devices will be approximately 250 and it would look:

  1. Aqara net - 10 devices (garage)
  2. Zigbee2mqtt - 200 devices
  3. DeConz - 40 devices

I use Home Assistant as a main system and CC26X2R1 as a coordinator.
End devices - Aqara end devices.

Why are you keeping 3 networks afterwards? And why “Aqara net” as well as Deconz and Z2M?

Aqara net is used for garage. It is stand alone buildinsg and it is impossible to make good wireless connections between main building and garage.
May be in the future I will move completely to Zigbee2mqtt. It depends how it will work with 200+ devices.

Interesting. I´m also moving away from Home Assistant. I did some cloud related stuff there but have always been more of a pure Node-RED guy. (EDIT: meaning I don’t understand Python setup)