New bulb ikea Tradfri unsupported

I just bought an Ikea bulb ( LED1835C6 E12 450lm )
When I want to pair with Z2M , I have this :

I already reset it with 6 turn on/off method but I have the same issue.

How can I resolve this ?


Same issue here. The version of zigbee2mqtt currently running doesn’t know how to talk to that Tradfri Bulb. I saw that it was added to the GitHub - Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters: Collection of device converters to be used with zigbee-herdsman in the ikea.js file, but at this point I’m looking at where I need to put this file in order to get the bulbs properly recognized and operating.

I’ll post a follow up if/when I figure it out.