OTA update on IKEA E1524 244 min remaining!

Any idea why it’s taking sooo long for this to update? Is it normal? It’s been going since 16:41 and it’s now 18:05 and it’s on 33.93%, ± 163 minutes remaining :open_mouth:

My E1743 took over 180 minutes. I guess it is normal.

Yea I’ve done two now and they’re all going this slow. Just wondered if it was to do with my coordinator. Running a CC2530 over gpio on a rpi4. I’m guessing the bulbs are quicker? Also I’m not sure if ZigBee channel can affect this speed.

I’ve also noted that the firmware version is showing the same 1.2.214 as the ones that haven’t done the update which is strange?

Just did an ikea bulb, around 30 minutes.

I’ve posted about this on the github thread, I’m not even sure these remotes can be updated as it doesn’t appear to work despite it saying update successful and then not appearing as update available.

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