OTA update problem with ICPSHC24-30EU-IL-1 IKEA

I have some ICPSHC24-30EU-IL-1 devices from IKEA (TRADFRI Driver 30W).
One is older 1 year old (minimum)
Firmware build date
Firmware version

and the newer, I bought days ago.
Firmware build date
Firmware version

The firmware seems to be made in “stonehenge” fireing old.

if I check manually for updates, the response is:
Device ‘BB EG’ requested OTA`

Responded to OTA request of ‘BB EG’ with ‘NO_IMAGE_AVAILABLE’`

How can I update?
I also tried to set the OTA to IKEA TRADFRI OTA use test url (+submit button)

with no other result.

Any ideas?

Best regards Carsten