Remote adapter experience/performance

Dear Community,

i play with the idea that I use zigbee2mqtt in docker on a nas, so I would like to gain experience.
I currently run on a raspberry pi zero w zigbee2mqtt with a CC1352P-2.
So far it works perfectly, but the number of zigbee devices is constantly growing. In order to never worry about performance problems and also that the micro sd card becomes defective, I prefer to use zigbee2mqtt on a nas with a raid
I do not know ser2net, but from experience I know that there are always problems with usb to lan devices.

i wanted to switch my network from RPI to my main Autmation PC also , but i gave up


  1. my PC is a proxmox machine (hypervisor), and i will need to do USB passtrough from
    hypervisor to the continer ,it can be done but not by me :slight_smile:

  2. the location of my PC is not in the midle of the house , my RPI is

  3. lets say one bulb/Socket/Sensor is giveing me trouble i will need to take the zigbee Device to the PC
    with RPI you can do it with a Power Bank and take the PI to the Zigbee device

just some points to think about… its very cool to have all runing on one PC/Docker/Nas whatever
but sometimes we just need to let things Bee

for now i will stick with my RPI