Support for Livolo blind/cover controller

Hello, I have a new livolo controller for blinds, but from what I see it is not implemented yet, maybe it is very new yet. Product link: LIVOLO smart wifi zigbee wall touch curtain switch,motorized Roller Blinds Shutter Switch,app,google home,aleax wireless control|Switches| - AliExpress
Product Code: VL-C702WZ
I have seen that there is support for a cover controller, I do not know if perhaps the support of this device can serve to “cheat” and be able to use it with this controller.

I managed to add it after multiple attempts, but it is detected as a double switch, although the on / off buttons from zigbee2mqtt’s dhcp panel do not work.

When I added -cover to the end of the model by editing the database, it appeared as a cover controller, but it was not able to connect, maybe it is not the correct way to modify the model. if i can try something i’m all ears, thanks!

Posted on github: Support for Livolo blind/cover controller · Discussion #8525 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub