Understanding transition

Just started on the weekend with zigbee2mqtt and connected it to my openHAB installation.

The first light buld (Ikea Tradfri) is working with on/off brightness and colortemperature and i like it.

Next step is to check transistions, but i am not sure if i got the concept right.

If the transition is set to 0, that disables transition. If i set transition to a value eg. 30 the transition duration between two states is set to 30 seconds. As far as i understand the transition time is appield to all action unless a payload for a specific action contains another value.


publish zigbee2mqtt/bulb/set/transition 30 set transitiontime to 30 seconds
publsih zigbee2mqtt/bulb/set/state ON switch the bulb within 30 seconds to on
publish zigbee2mqtt/bulb/set/brightness 50 changes the brightness to 50 within 30 seconds

Is that understanding right?