Start/Stop Brightness Level Change

I am controlling smart bulbs through both zigbee2mqtt and a hubitat hub (different bulbs from different controller). When controlling bulbs via Hubitat, I typically have the option to “start level change” where I select a direction and it starts transitioning toward min/max brightness depending on the selected direction. It also gives the ability to “stop level change”. This stops the transition wherever it happens to be.

I know I could start the level change in a direction with a payload like:
“brightness”: 255,
“transition”: 10,

2 questions:

  1. Does Z2M have the equivalent to start+direction and stop change commands that it handles in a way similar to the way you can arbitrarily set the transition time?
  2. If not is there anyway to learn what the current brightness level is during a transition, so I could send a brightness command with that particular level to lock in the brightness?

Well I am not sure if it is inherent to my Ikea bulb or Z2M, but somehow I overlooked this before posting and then found it almost immediately after. The answer is to use:

  "brightness_move": -40, // Starts moving brightness down at 40 units per second
  "brightness_move": 0, // Stop moving brightness

This is in the Z2M documentation at: