Updating CC2531 without repairing

Until now I never managed to update the CC2531 without needing to repair. I followed the manuals for updating. My configuration.yaml contains the following:
pan_id: 6755
channel: 11
- 77
- 33
…(16 numbers)

I want to try another firmware again. I am not sure if updating without repairing works when the Pan-ID is unequal to 0x1a63. Should it work with my configuration or should I change the Pan-ID to 0x1a63, so I have to repair only one more time?


your panid 6755 is the same as 0x1a63.
The first one is decimal, the second one is hex.
Try it here


If I remember correctly changing the panID would require repairing all devices. Right @Koenkk?

Changing panid indeed requires re-pairing devices.