What do I need to generate a network map

my network has a CC2531 Coordinator (firmware 20190608) with zigbee2mqtt 1.5.1
I haven’t found any guide or manual on how to do it without home assistant or openhab

I have read https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/mqtt_topics_and_message_structure.html and https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/issues/417

but i don’t know how to publish the new topic zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap/graphviz


I have already understood:
publish: mosquitto_pub -t zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap -m graphviz
at the same time subscribe: mosquitto_sub -t zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap/graphviz
it is right?

It’s correct.
I would suggest you to use mqtt explorer http://mqtt-explorer.com/. Using this app is a lot easier to publish/subscribe to topics. Highly recommended.


Thanks Gab
I have made a little script that shows de networkmap in one step

# additional dependencies: graphviz imagemagick

# put temporal files in ram filesystem
fechahora=$(date '+%F-%H:%M')
#~ echo $fechahora

mosquitto_sub -t zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap/graphviz -C 1 >${file}.dot &
mosquitto_pub -t zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap -m graphviz

# wait until mosquitto_sub ends

# generate graphic with graphviz (change to short texts with sed)
cat ${file}.dot|sed -e 's/Xiaomi Aqara temperature, humidity and pressure sensor/AqaraTHP/g'|sed -e 's/Xiaomi Mi\/Aqara smart home cube/AqaraCube/g'|sed -e 's/Xiaomi Aqara double key wireless wall switch/AqaraDoubleSwitch/g'|dot -Tsvg  > ${file}${fechahora}.svg

# display with imageMagick command
display ${file}${fechahora}.svg &

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Hi, could someone share exactly how to do this with MQTT Explorer on Windows 10?

Okay say that I might not be on a recent enough version so have upgraded to version 1.7.1

I am trying to post this topic but get no response and the zigbee2mqtt log shows nothing…


Do I need to send any sort of payload?

payload is either raw or graphviz

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