Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Curtain Module (ZW-EC-01)


I bought this device. I hoped that it would work because there is a similar Zemismart curtain control module ( ZM-CSW032-D) which is supported, but it doesn’t work. I tried to do it but the zigbee-herdsman-converters is too high level for me.

Could you help me to support it?

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I have the same problem.

I tried it with google and customized code from ZM-CSW032-D in devices.js:
zigbeeModel: [‘FB56+CUR17SB2.2’],
model: ‘FB56+CUR17SB2.2’,
vendor: ‘Feibit Co.Ltd’,
description: ‘Curtain/roller blind switch’,
fromZigbee: [fz.ignore_basic_report, fz.ZMCSW032D_cover_position_tilt],
toZigbee: [tz.cover_state, tz.cover_position_tilt],
exposes: [e.cover_position()],
meta: {configureKey: 1, multiEndpoint: true},
configure: async (device, coordinatorEndpoint) => {
const endpoint = device.getEndpoint(1);
await bind(endpoint, coordinatorEndpoint, [‘closuresWindowCovering’]);

but after pairing and pressing a button only this (Curtain_01 is friendlyname):

Received Zigbee message from ‘Curtain_01’, type ‘attributeReport’, cluster ‘genOnOff’, data ‘{“onOff”:0}’ from endpoint 1 with groupID 0

No converter available for ‘FB56+CUR17SB2.2’ with cluster ‘genOnOff’ and type ‘attributeReport’ and data ‘{“onOff”:0}’

It would be great if someone could help us.

Best regards