Zigbee2MQTT, Docker for Mac and serial port error

I got a Zigbee2MQTT CC2531 preflashed on Amazon and am trying to get this running on Docker for Mac on a Mac Mini. Im a bit newbie to all this, but by following tutorials it seems to install the docker container fine. But when trying to start the container I get the error below:

Error: Error while opening serialport ‘Error: Error: No such file or directory, cannot open /dev/tty.usbmodem14101’

It seems a bit weird that the CC2531 is called tty.usbmodem14101, but this is the port that shows up on the Mac when inserting the CC2531. It is also hard to find any info about anyone else having this issue, most seem to use ttyACM0 which I guess is on a RPi.

I have tried following https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/zigbee2mqtt_fails_to_start.html and I have write access to the port.

Have anyone else got a CC2531 and Zigbee2MQTT running on Docker for Mac?
Is the port tty.usbmodem14101 normal in this case?

Can anyone give me som advice on how to proceed?


Ok, it seems that there are issues with serial connections between osX and Docker for Mac. Maybe there’s a workaround, but nevermind, I hooked it up to a RPi instead.

I’m no expert with Docker and certainly not on a Mac, but on my Synology Diskstation I have no problems with running Zigbee2mqtt in a Docker container. I’ll use this shell script to launch the container, note that I explicitly tell Docker the location of the Zigbee stick (called “ttyACM1” in my case):

sudo docker run \
  --detach \
  --name zigbee2mqtt \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  --tty \
  --interactive \
  --device=/dev/ttyACM1 \
  --volume /volume1/SmartHome/zigbe2mqtt:/app/data \
  --volume /etc/TZ:/etc/timezone:ro \
  --volume /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
  --env "TZ=Europe/Amsterdam" \