Zigbee2MQTT stops working

First of all, let me start out by complimenting everybody who puts effort into this software, great stuff!
I am using zigbee2mqtt now for half a year and it works truly great… up until recently.
I have about 30 devices in my network that work and respond fine!

At random intervals the communication seems to stop.
Although i have debugging enabled i do not see any errors in my log.

I only see an error (every now and then: Failed to execute LQI for 'Keukenkoof Spot 6).
I see logging pass by (lights trying to be activated) but non of the zigbee devices respond.

After a restart of z2m everything works fine again, but i don’t like to do that a few times a day…
Does anyone have a clue on where to search? I am more than happy to share more details but at the moment i really don’t know what additional info to share.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!