Any devices that are BOTH on/off and scene switches?

Hi all,
I’m looking for a device to retrofit my wall switches. There are many devices that do almost what I want. e.g.:

These devices all connect to your current wall switches (except the last which replaces your wall switches) and then control the circuit (on/off, and many also dim). If you toggle the physical switch then the circuit toggles. You can also control the circuit with zigbee commands. You can find these in zigbee-herdsman-converters/blob/master/devices.js by looking for devices that implement tz.genOnOff (although not all devices that implement tz.genOnOff can control a circuit).

There is another type of device - a scene switch. e.g.:

You can find these in zigbee-herdsman-converters/blob/master/devices.js by looking for devices that implement fz.scenes_recall_click.

What I want is something that does BOTH of these. Physically it would be like the first set of devices. It would have a zigbee endpoint implementing all the same on/off, identify, etc server clusters. But I’d also like it to have a second zigbee endpoint that implements either the on/off client cluster and/or the scenes client cluster. The end result is that I should be able to bind two of these devices to each other (the second endpoint of each device binding as a client of the first endpoint of the other) and end up with something that works as ‘two switch’ setup; hitting either physical switch will control both circuits in sync. And it should work without the latency of having to code something up on the controller.

I’d also like something that is certified in Australia, but as that isn’t going to happen I’m really looking for an example device I can show to Australian manufacturers to demonstrate the idea.

Any suggestions? Does anyone know the zigbee protocol well enough to know if this is possible (it looks like it should be)? Does anyone know the various hub apps (e.g. the Hue app) to know how they’d respond to such a device? I was hoping they’d see it as both a light and a scene switch and you’d be able to link things up appropriately.


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I “think” you have the same problem as I have. Managing standard lights is easy with any On/Off module, but managing smart lights is a bit more complicated keeping the “old” or standard switches.

Check my post in here where I explain my problem:

In my last message I think I’ve found the solution. I don’t really like the lack of openness of Legrand, but I own many devices from them and they seem to work fairly well.

This is the device: (Legrand 0 676 94 - ON/OFF wireless light switch and push-button module (peripheral)). And seems to do exactly what I want (not sure if what you want as well).

But I find two drawbacks:
1.- It says it only support “binding” (doesn’t really say the bind word) with one device.
2.- It doesn’t support Home Assistant or Zigbee2mqtt out of the box.

Do anyone knows of a similar device from another brand more “open” to integrate with different platforms?

In the meanwhile, I’ve just ordered it. Remote from Legrand can be bound to groups using Zigbee2mqtt. If we achieve to integrate with Zigbee2mqtt maybe this would be possible.

If anyone is interested, I’ll keep you informed.

I reply in another post as I can’t post more than 2 links.

More information about the device:
Manual in Spanish and English:
Manual in French and English:

Thanks for the links. I purchased a legrand started pack, but was unable to get it going with zigbee2mqtt. There has since been some progress - see issue

From reading the links you supplied it seems like what you’ve found is something that turns a traditional switch into a ‘scene switch’. It is somewhat of a cross between the two devices I mentioned: like the first one, it sits behind your current wall switch, and like the second one it transmits ‘scene change’ commands. But unlike the first one it doesn’t control your lights directly, and unlike the second one it doesn’t replace your current switch. (BTW, it also seems the device you linked to is battery operated, and because it isn’t connected to the mains might not need certification for use in random countries (IANAL - YMMV).) Looking at the thread you reference, it seems that that device is like the ‘two switch’ solution, but as part of the installation you short one of the switches. The lights always get power. The switch is just used to control the zigbee transceiver that controls the bulbs over zigbee.

That’s not quite what I was after. I want something that is like the first link I gave AND IN ADDITION sends out scene change commands when the switch is toggled. i.e. I want to control dumb lights. I want them to lose power when the switch is pressed. In addition, I also want the switch to be able to bind to other zigbee devices.

I’ve seen that link, thank you.

Actually, I’ve just added support for one Legrand device myself (trying to contribute).