Able to pair with two different devices but can't talk to them after

Hey all,
New to zigbee2mqtt and hoping to get some help.

I’ve so far managed to pair my three Sengled E11-G13 lightbulbs and the Centralite Jilia Pearl Thermostat using CC2531 flashed with CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex. However none of the devices report their state or are able to be controlled, I realise the Thermostat is not supported but the lights should at least be visible in the MQTT browser I’d have thought, and the bulbs don’t respond to state on/off JSON messages in Node RED.
Hopefully, I’m doing something stupid and it’s an easy fix! Would appreciate any pointers and/or suggestions on how to get this working!

Here’s what I have in zigbee2mqtt/bridge/config