Supports On/Off seems to mean supports Toggle between On/Off

Am I the only one that was surprised that most (probably all) devices that support On/Off also support toggle.

I had been storing the state of my bulbs and outlets (IKEA in my case) and using zigbee2mqtt/[FRIENDLY_NAME]/set to turn them on an off. But now I have found that I simple send toggle without wondering about the current state to automatically toggle to the opposite state.

I hope I am the only one that didn’t know about this but I wanted to share since I looked at the device page for this device: and saw supports On/Off, but didn’t know that meant it supported toggling between On/Off.

Never tried it, because I just toggle the lights in HA.

It looks like all devices supporting on/off should support toggle too, as it’s implemented in zigbee2mqtt and not handled by the device itself:

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Good to know and quite handy.