Cannot pair E1902 (Ikea tradfri outlet) with ConBeeII

Hi everyone,

I am trying to pair a tradfri outlet device, labeled E1902 which is the swiss edition and looks very similar to the E1603/E1702 listed in the supported devices.

I am starting zigbee2mqtt with a brand new ConBeeII stick, using the dev branch of zigbee2mqtt and the deconz branch of zigbee-herdsman. Zigbee2mqtt seems to launch properly.

When I try to pair the tradfri device, absolutely nothing happens. I tried many times, by factory resetting the device with a pin (seems to work, the led dims and a click sound is emitted) with both devices really close, restarting zigbee2mqtt several times… The console stays silent, nothing seems to happen.

I wonder if I am doing something wrong, or if the support for the ConBeeII stick is still too early to accept pairing. Unfortunately, that tradfri outlet is the only zigbee device I have, so I can’t test the pairing with anything else.

I should also mention that I also tried to use the touchlink procedure (as it seems to be supported by Ikea products) but zigbee2mqtt throws an strange exception.

Has anyone here successfully paired devices with a ConBee stick?

Hi, take a look in this GitHub Issue comment

Maybe its can help you.

Thank you for your suggestion.

According to the comment, I tried to disable mtp probing and network manager access, but it didn’t change anything.

I also tried to update the ConBee firmware to version 0x264a0700 as mentioned by ChrisHae just before, but it didn’t seem to work either.

I will keep watching that thread on github. I’m sure someone will figure out a solution eventually.

Alright, using the latest changes by ChrisHae in the deconz branch of zigbee-herdsman finally allowed me to use the Ikea device!

The support for the ConBeeII stick seems to be coming soon, just a matter of time :wink:

Very good news thank you for information