Can't pair devices anymore

So i was able to connect a solid number of Ikea Tradfri plugs and a number of Xiaomi Sensors with minimal pairing issues. Now i am unable to pair any devices what-so-ever. If i delete existing ones, i am unable to pair them again. Nothing shows up in the logs for pairing, literally nothing, not even failed attempts. I am currently running Z-Stack_Home_1.2 source routing due to the large number of sensors i am trying to add. Currently the map looks like It seems like i have a good distributed system. I am getting no errors in the zigbee2mqtt log, any idea whats going on?

Which coordinator are you using ?

For me, the CC2531 can end up in a state where it no longer pairs.

This happens nearly always when a pairing process does not complete, i.e. neither successful or failed. For example, the link quality is low and the device leaves config mode early.

I get out of this by:

  1. Remove the device. It is possible that the device is already in the database. Remove it with:

mosquitto_pub -t ‘zigbee2mqtt/bridge/config/remove’ -m ‘<address, 0x…>’
mosquitto_pub -t ‘zigbee2mqtt/bridge/config/force_remove’ -m ‘<address, 0x…>’

  1. Reset the CC2531
  • stop zigbee2mqtt (e.g. sudo systemctl stop zigbee2mqtt)
  • unplug and replug the CC2531
  • start zigbee2mqtt again (e.g. sudo systemctl start zigbee2mqtt)

These steps reliably got me in a state where I could re-pair again.