Can't join a second CC2530+CC2591 router


I’m trying to joint to network a second CC2530+CC2591 as router with no lucky. Nothing showed in the Zigbee2mqtt logs also in debug mode.

What I have:

  • Zigbee2mqtt version 1.12.0
  • Coordinator version zStack12, revision: 20190608
  • Router#1 CC2530+CC2591, firmware: Z-Stack-firmware

Everything works like a charm.

What I’m doing:

  • Add router#2 CC2530+CC2591, firmware: Z-Stack-firmware

I already tried to:

  • Reboot the zigbee2mqtt;
  • Reset CC2530+CC2591 powering ON/OFF in cycle as written in the guide;
  • Flash again the firmware;
  • Power OFF the router#1 and trying to join the router#2;
  • Replace the hardware of CC2530+CC2591 many times to avoid hardware issue.

Thanks a lot

No one can help me??

If you flash the router, make sure the ‘retain IEEE adress’ is not checked. I think that was the problem with my CC2530 routers.

Unfortunately didn’t work for me :pensive: